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Donald Trump and the Collapse of US Power

Donald Trump’s signature message since the election campaign has been to Make America Great Again (MAGA). But, as often is the case with Trump, his message does not match reality. Judging from all the damage he is inflicting, MAGA has become the acronym for Make America Groan Again. Not only has Trump created chaos inside the United States, but has

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Millennial Burnout and Late-Stage Capitalism

By Tyler Rankin Recently, a Buzzfeed article about “How Millennials Became the Burnout Generation” went viral. As somebody who fits into this cultural category, I’d like to explore this idea of “burnout” a bit more deeply.  The Buzzfeed article does a good job of addressing the fact that far from being lazy and entitled, Millennials are dealing with an increasingly

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UN Warns of Global Collapse: So How Can We Prevent It?

By Roar Bjonnes In a recent report, the UN comes with a stark warning: The global capitalist system is on the verge of collapse. Those are the dire implications of a new scientific paper prepared by a group of Finnish biophysicists. The team from the BIOS Research Unit in Finland was asked to provide research that would feed into the

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Making the Unthinkable the New Norm

The unthinkable

If a politician a few years ago had been overheard saying that he could get away with touching a woman’s private parts because he was famous, that would have made him unelectable. Not any longer.

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How the Democrats Handed Trump the White House

Today, almost two years after Donald Trump became the 45th President of the USA, many ask themselves these questions: Why did white blue collar workers—who have very little in common with the super-rich—vote for a real-estate tycoon like Donald Trump?

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Global Reality Check: How Is Our Planet Actually Doing?

California is going up in smoke. Scandinavia, which includes some of the coldest countries on the planet, has been hotter and dryer this summer than ever before. One billion people are living in extreme poverty, while the rest are using up non-renewable resources at an unprecedented rate…

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Wait No More! Global Warming is here

It is not uncommon to encounter people in the United States believing that ice bears roam the streets of Stockholm. If they actually did, these polar bears would have had an uncomfortable last few months, with summer temperatures exceeding 30° Centigrade and relative humidity reaching 92%.

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Free Trade, Protectionism and Proutist Trade

James Quilligan July 1, 2018 Introduction This narrative suggests how Proutist Trade can be explained in today’s world by comparing and contrasting it with Free Trade and Protectionism. The article describes (1) how global free trade has succeeded and failed during the past seventy years;

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After the Jerusalem Embassy: What’s Next for the Palestinians and Israelis?

The United States recently moved its embassy to Jerusalem, a highly controversial move which was part of the pre-electoral promises made by Donald Trump during his presidential campaign. Widely condemned globally, this action led to an uprising in Gaza, where more than 60 Palestinians were killed by Israeli forces. There are few topics which raises more passionate opinions as the

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