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Consumption and Profit from Prout perspective

by Shriraksha Mohan The Progressive Utilization Theory or Prout is an alternative, holistic socio-economic system to replace the failing capitalist model of economy. With an emphasis on rational utilization and equitable distribution of the planet’s resources, Prout offers a model to build a world in which all people and the planet thrive harmoniously. Prout advocates for organization of an economy

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Is Inflation Just Part of the Ride?

By Mark Friedman Inflation has been a cause for anxiety and real difficulty. Especially in low and middle-income households and among the elderly, people feel powerless as they watch their living standards erode. Factors driving inflation the most – food, fuel, and rents – are things people cannot do without. The resulting frustration has been exploited by politicians in the

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A New Renaissance of Local Farms, Local Food, and Local Economies

By Roar Bjonnes  At 66, I am old enough to remember when the local economy was still thriving. I grew up in an extended family on a small island in Norway. All the apples, berries, pears, and cherries we ate, especially during fall and winter, had been cultivated in our own garden. In the fall, the whole family—including my grandmother

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How Economic Sanctions on Russia Could Crash the Monetary System

By Tim Shanks The use of economic sanctions as a weapon is an ancient practice. The first recorded instance was in 423 BC, when Athens banned traders from Megara to strangle the rival’s economy. However, it was only in the 20th century that economic sanctions became a regular feature of international relations. After World War II, the predominant architect of

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Solving the Inequality Gap: Progressive Taxation or Economic Democracy?

By Roar Bjonnes When editor-in-chief of multinational business magazine Fortune, Alyson Shontell, asked in its June/July 2022 issue if it’s time for a maximum wage, she got my attention. Back in the early 90’s, when I was editor of Prout Journal, I published an article by Sam Pizzigati, co-editor of, which emphatically proclaimed that it is indeed time for

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The New Economy Movement Comes of Age

By Michael Towsey  May 2022 The publication of Growing a New Economy by Roar Bjonnes and Caroline Hargreaves[1] was a milestone in the history of Proutist literature because it was the first comprehensive introduction to Prout economics that firmly situated the Proutist agenda within the emerging New Economy Movement. The term New Economy Movement (NEM) is a rather loose description

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The Ukrainian War, Strategic Interests and Monetary Systems

Written by Liila Hass, Jyotirmaya Hull-Jurcovic, and Roar Bjonnes The Russian invasion of Ukraine On February 24 2022, the Russian Federation invaded Ukraine with devastating consequences for the country and the civilian population. In this David versus Goliath struggle, Russia mobilized over a hundred thousand troops against a much smaller Ukrainian force. Russia has about four times as many soldiers

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World Government: From Vision to Reality

An exploration of P. R. Sarkar’s contribution to the field of global governance  The concept of world government has been around for many hundreds of years.[1] Yet, the combination of cosmopolitanism and the terrors of modern warfare have caused an upsurge in thought about it in the twentieth century.[2] After each of the world wars, international institutions were established to

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The transition from meat to cellular agriculture: what are the possible impacts on health if by 2040 if 50% of all protein in the region is from lab meat and alternative meat? by Sohail Inayatullah and Ivana Milojevic This article is an excerpt from Inayatullah and Milojevi? (2022). The End of the Cow and other Emerging issues. Metafuture and CFAR.

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