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You can’t have meaningful political democracy without functioning economic democracy

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Proutist Bloc, India (PBI) Holds a Rally in Nagpur; Demands Statehood to Vidarbha

On 20th December 2018, the Proutist Bloc of India (PBI) in Vidarbha staged a rally demanding that the Vidarbha region of Maharashtra should be given statehood and to highlight the plight of the poor people in the region. A large number of protesters gathered to voice their concerns. The protest erupted as the dificulties faced

The Prout parliament game

By Sohail InayatullahUNESCO Chair in Futures Studies. Sinayatullah@gmail.com At a socio-spiritual group gathering that advocates the adoption of Prout ideals, I had the chance to experiment with gaming and creating progressive policy futures by running the first Prout parliament game.  The core question was what would the world look like if Prout – as theory

Proutist vision shared with Indian activists

A two days (21-22 January 2019) workshop, organized jointly by Yusuf Meherally Center and Proutist Forum concluded yesterday at Puri, Odisha. Attended by around 40 participants, this workshop covered topics like the present economic model, Oxfam report on inequality, existing political scenario and Prout’s model of economic democracy and decentralization economy.Speakers include Kalyan Anand, National

To Tax the Rich or to Cap Wealth, That is the Question

By T. Shanks Ever since the days of Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan, the predominant mantra repeated all over the world has been that tax cuts for the rich are the best way to stimulate the economy. But during the past year, this trend has changed. For the first time in decades, progressive voices are

Social Enterprise Code Signed by Philippines Cooperative

In April, 2017 the Mayor and municipal council members of Oroquieta, a coastal city of some 80,000 people on the southern island of Mindanao in the Philippines, were introduced to Prout. This catalyzed a better understanding of the potential to develop a more vibrant and resilient local economy. A new initiative grew, a partnership aimed at fostering greater self-reliance; and the creation of a practical model that implements several key

PROUT Research Institute Venezuela in Alliance for local self-reliance

The crisis in Venezuela is continuing. There are a few improvements in some areas. We can get cash money again, which solves some problems. There are more staple foods such as rice and oil in the stores. But in general, things are still quite difficult. Many big supermarkets are half empty. Food (and everything else)

Market Economy vs Planned Economy

By Maheshvara Pacheco The Cold War era was, in a nutshell, a display of might between two belligerent ideals contending for hegemonic supremacy of the world stage. As we know, it eventually culminated with the swift collapse of the communist colossus in the early 1990s. The system of centralized ownership and planning was an expensive,

Economic Democracy conference in Maine, USA

A landmark conference on Economic Democracy took place at the University of Maine in Augusta on November 10, 2018. Two Proutists, Alex Jackimovicz and Ashrita Shri Verrill formed the Alliance for Economic Democracy