Proutist Universal

Proutist Universal (PU) is a global network of activists and thinkers inspired by the integral vision and approach of the Progressive Utilization Theory (PROUT).
PU publishes, presents, and networks to share those ideas and engages locally to put PROUT’s guiding principles and values into practice.
Through these activities we work to:

Inspire by

  • Promoting a fresh socio-economic vision based on an integral view of life.
  • Taking action toward a more just, equitable and sustainable society.
  • Creating and supporting ethical leaders who exemplify and encourage in others a sense of altruism and activism.

Inform by

  • Organizing and conducting on-line and social media conferences and symposia, seminars and workshops.
  • Creating study and action circles and training programs.
  • Publishing books, research papers and periodicals that offer knowledge and the study of integrated and practical solutions to the major economic, social, and environmental crises that afflict our planet and her inhabitants.

Engage by

  • Starting community-based projects and activities throughout the globe.
  • Conducting advocacy work promoting progressive ideas to activists and policy makers.
  • Providing opportunities for volunteers to live and practice a “walk-your- talk” lifestyle.
  • Support and inspire socio-economic movements for change.

PU Global Office
The global headquarters of Proutist Universal is in Copenhagen, Denmark. The organization also operates a land-based project, Ananda Gaorii, which is a 25 hectare farm and conference center. The project maintains a “sustainable living lab,” which includes community living, a commercial bakery, organic gardens, the annual PROUT Convention, and regular workshops, seminars and trainings.

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