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Unfortunately, not many Proutist projects are currently active in Africa.


There are hundreds of Proutists in Europe working tirelessly to bring forth a more humane world. From research institutes to cooperatives, conferences and lobbying, the Prout movement is growing stronger everyday in Europe.

The Prout Research Institute of Portugal has been organizing conferences, lectures, study circles and participating in progressive events since 2013.
Additionally, it is doing a regional development plan based on the Block Level Planning methodology, as well creating a producers cooperative.

You can find out more here (in portuguese).

In Italy, the Prout movement is thriving with projects promoting Prout a little bit all over the country. Here are the main ones.

Dharmica cooperative
Water Conservation in Parma
Prout in South Tyrol

Germany has a Prout political party, Menschliche Welt (Humane World in English) which is doing great work promoting Prout. Find out more here.

Denmark is the home of the Proutist Universal global office, which works to inspire, support and coordinate Prout activities across the world.


Taiwan and the Phillippines are the main hotspots of Prout in Asia, with a lot of work being done in the field of cooperatives.

There are countless Prout initiatives in India. There is a political party, Proutist Bloc, India (PBI), regional development movements (samaj movements), which fight and lobby for progressive measures to be taken. There are cooperative enterprises and many other projects. 

Taiwanese proutists have been running a cooperative for years, inspiring countless people living a more sustainable life. You can read more about it here.

For a few years now, a cooperative has been helping hundreds of local farmers and producers out of poverty in Oroquieta, Phillippines. Find out more about Oroqcoco here.


There is a Proutist political party in New Zealand. We are all very grateful for their hard work.

Inspired in part by the successful emergence of other Progressive Utilization Theory-based political parties around the world, the Progressive Party of New Zealand was born. Read more here.

North America

In North America most of Prout work is being done by promoting Prout.

There are three main Prout organizations in the USA. The Prout Institute which focuses in empowering people and communities and Prout Alliance, disseminating Prout through events, podcasts, articles, study groups, etc. The Prout Research Institute in Asheville has been founded with the goal to develop practical projects and policies, raise consciousness, and train people in this holistic model for the welfare and happiness of all. 

South America

In South America, incredible work has been done in the past, especially in Venezuela, where the Prout Institute of Venezuela has done incredible work networking and sharing Prout.

After a lul of some years, the Prout Research Institute is coming alive again, resuming its activities.

*This list does not represent the entirety of all Prout projects around the world.  Not all of the following projects listed are directly connected with the Proutist Universal global office.