Prout Presented at Indian Council of Social Sciences Research, Mumbai

A discussion on PR Sarkar’s Economic Theory in relevance to present economic systems was held-3rd May, 2019 at the Indian Council of Social Sciences Research (ICSSR), Mumbai.Speaking on the subject, the contemporary relevance of economic ideas of PR Sarkar, Dr. Dolly Sunny, Professor and Director, presented the Prout philosophy. Parallely, she described the salient features of Prout and indicated she

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Prout´s Vision and Policies Presented to PAN Party in Portugal

The Porto chapter of PAN (People – Animals – Nature), an environmental oriented party in Portugal, invited the Prout Research Institute of Portugal (PRIP) to share Prout´s vision of society. The program, held on 5 April. was part of an ongoing series entitled Atlas of Utopias. Entitled ‘Economic Democracy – Prout´s Vision, PRIP´s presentation by Francisco Dinis was followed by

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Portugal Welcomes Proutist Author

By R. Green In January, Roar Bjonnes of the United States, and co-author of the ground-breaking book Growing A New Economy (, visited Portugal to present his findings on practical and comprehensive solutions to today’s problems and to strengthen contacts with local community leaders and thinkers. The Prout Research Institute of Portugal (PRIP) organized programs for Mr. Bjonnes in Lisbon

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Prout: a Viable Alternative or a Utopia?

by Howard Nemon and Dada Maheshvarananda When recommending anything new and unique, the burden of proof always falls on those proposing the new answer or solution. And this task becomes particularly difficult when there are no existing examples or models that can serve as evidence. Proutists around the world face this challenge. One approach for presenting Prout to the public

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Proutist Vision Shared with Indian activists

By K. Subramaniyan A two-day workshop, organized jointly by the Yusuf Meherally Center and Proutist Forum, was held in Puri, Odisha on January 21 and 22, 2019.  Approximately 40 participants were engaged in presentations analyzing the failings of the present economic model and its broader political system as well as Oxfam’s most recent report on inequality and the Prout model

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Social Enterprise Code Signed by Philippines Cooperative

In April, 2017 the Mayor and municipal council members of Oroquieta, a coastal city of some 80,000 people on the southern island of Mindanao in the Philippines, were introduced to Prout. This catalyzed a better understanding of the potential to develop a more vibrant and resilient local economy. A new initiative grew, a partnership aimed at fostering greater self-reliance; and the creation of a practical model that implements several key economic policies of Prout. The vision

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Prout Research Institute Venezuela in Alliance for Local Self-Reliance

The crisis in Venezuela is continuing. There are a few improvements in some areas. We can get cash money again, which solves some problems. There are more staple foods such as rice and oil in the stores. But in general, things are still quite difficult. Many big supermarkets are half empty. Food (and everything else) is limited and very expensive;

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