Vibrant Ecosystem

vibrant ecosystem

In the late 1980s, after years of environmental activism around the globe, the concept of sustainable development crystallized. It addressed concerns about the impact of the degradation of the natural world on the planet for current and future generations as well as the need to maintain a balance between the social, economic, and environmental conditions of human development. Although there has been some progress towards a sustainable world, we still face grave environmental crises, economic disparities, and social conflicts. Prout believes that piecemeal approaches to sustainability will not work because our ecological challenges are intimately tied to social and economic imbalances—all must be resolved through fundamental systemic changes.

The answers cannot be found just in preserving non-renewal resources, or changing our consumption patterns, or preventing the extinction of plants and animals species. It’s all of these and more. We want to create a system where our society is progressing in tandem with a thriving ecosystem. As our understanding of the complex interactions between human activity and the environment advance, we are learning how to achieve a dynamic balance between the two. In this regard, a progressive utilization of resources will be effective for minimizing environmental disturbances while maximizing social and economic benefits. In addition, to protect the fragile ecosystems around the world, we need to support the right to exist of the natural world, that is, to recognize the existential value of all animate and inanimate beings, not merely their utility value for human society. Finally, by expanding our consciousness through neohumanism, we can become willful partners in building a thriving planet by working together for the welfare of all beings.

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