Steps towards a Vibrant Ecosystem

steps towards a vibrant ecosystem

Progressive Utilization

Most of the environmental degradation that occurs on our planet is due to the misuse of resources. Large economic players, whether individuals or corporations, are driven by the rationale of turning a profit while ignoring social and environmental costs. The result is inefficiencies that generate greater wastage of our collective wealth and deterioration of our ecosystem. Environmental activists try to address these problems through reforms and regulations but Society and the Economy

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Beyond Covid-19: The transition to Gaian leadership

In late February 2020, with my colleague, futurist and epidemiologist Peter Black, we, wrote a piece on COVID-19 scenarios and implications. We started as our departure point asking the question, was this a black swan or predictable event? Our conclusion was that the emergence of this zoonotic disease with planetary political, financial, and health implications was not just utterly predictable but an event that those…

Act locally, think globally

By Lísia Castro When we approach a complex social problem, whose solutions depend on profound transformations in the way we think and act, it may sound utopian to imagine the world without it. Imagine a world without poverty, without hunger, without exploitation. Maybe we don’t feel able to act on all the fronts we think are necessary to face the problem or to integrate so…
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