progressive utilization theory

Five Minutes of Prout: First principle of Prout

By Dada Jitendrananda The propounder of Prout, Shrii P R Sarkar, first became known in  India in the 1950s as a spiritual teacher. His rational explanations of yoga and practical prescriptions were well received and he developed a growing following.  In the early ‘60s, he derived progressive economic principles from Yoga philosophy. In doing so, …

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Redefining Humanism and Internationalism

By Roar Bjonnes In the pursuit of global harmony and social progress, the concept of humanism and internationalism emerges as a beacon of progressive hope. Yet, upon closer examination, the ideology of humanism reveals inherent flaws and limitations. P.R. Sarkar, in his seminal works delves into the complexities of humanism, dissecting its various manifestations and …

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