About the Prout Convention

Maintaining Stable Mental Health in an Increasingly Unstable World

The theme of this year’s convention is an extremely important topic in today’s world.  Mental health problems are on the rise in nearly all countries for people of all ages and have reached sever crisis levels among youth.  Some guidelines for dealing with these crises can be found in Prout economy.  One of Prout’s quadrilateral divisions of economy that has had little focus yet is Psycho Economy. Many of the mental problems of today are directly related to what
P. R. Sarkar has labelled psycho-economic exploitationAt this year’s convention we will have an in-depth look at the nature of this psycho-economic exploitation, but, more important, we will collectively discus and develop ways that we can build stable mental health for individuals and the collective.  P. R. Sarkar has given us many resources to use in dealing with this crisis economically and psychically.
          Welcome to the 2023 Global Prout Convention.

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