Main Program Schedule

*Program is subject to alteration
Central European Time (CET)19th july20th July21st July22nd July23rd July24th July
Kiirtan06.30h - 07.30hArrivalsKiirtanKiirtanKiirtanKiirtanKiirtan
1st Session 10.30h - 12hOpening CeremonySocial Media Workshop PT.1Presenting Prout WorkshopNetworking WorkshopSocial Media Workshop PT.2
2nd Session 14h - 16hProject PresentationsProut in Practice - Master UnitsWorld GovernmentPresenting Prout PT.2Calling all activists!
Evening session 18h - 19Improving our Master Units: Focus on Agroforestry and AMURT relief storeArt shareArt ShareArt Share

Activity description

Social Media Workshop – Social media is the most effective platform for local and global communication of this time. Proutists are already utilizing it in many ways, but there is still scope for improvement. Our social media workshop is divided into two parts: In the first session we will try to get an overview of what we can expect and how can we utilize social media. We will also get some ideas to try them out immediately, so in the second part we can talk more about our practical experiences and challenges. The goal is to reach those who are already using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tik Tok or any other social media platform to communicate the experiences and cooperate in our efforts and to encourage those who are to hesitating to participate. Both sessions are facilitated by Arun, who during his first Prout Convention in Denmark in 1990 set up a piece of paper on the notice board in case anyone would give their email so that proutists could network and communicate, but he got no addresses then. But he has not given up trying and has meanwhile used many social media platforms for communication.

Presenting Prout Workshop-  Dada Maheshvarananda draws from his decades-long experience of presenting Prout to the public and enlightens us on his best practices. You will also be invited to create your own presentation of what Prout is to you, and present it to the other participants.

Networking Workshop – Like yeast in the bread, although those of us with clarity and dynamism for social change are always in a minority, our role is a transformational catalyst, meant to trigger chain reactions that lift up society as whole. This cannot happen in a vaccum, or by talking only with those that already agree with us.  The yeast must mix and spread evenly throughout the flour dough, and likewise we must find ways to connect and integrate with other positive forces for change in our communities.  Didi Ananda Devapriya will share practical experiences from her current work at the border between Ukraine and Romania facilitating communication and cooperation between NGOs,  as well as her experience in promoting Neohumanist education through professional networks to illustrate the power of sharing of key ideas through strategic networking,  She will give practical tips how to increase your own impact and personal agency through networking.

World Government class – Chandra Shekhara is a long-time Proutist and academic who is currently writing a book on world government and world constitution. A central topic in Prout, we will have the opportunity to learn his findings while writing the book.

Prout Nuts & Bolts class – What makes Prout work? Asking this question and finding answers fosters clarity over “How to Apply Prout” to analyze current issues and find solutions to socio-economic problems.

Amrstara and Shriraksha are Prout enthusiasts. They are eager to discuss some key Prout concepts with fellow Prout activists to facilitate deeper thinking about practical application Prout. 

  • Overcoming “isms” to embrace Neohumanism
  • Understanding Economic Depressions & Solutions
  • Economy in Prout: 3-Tiered, Balanced, Decentralized
  • Samáj, Cooperatives, Economic Democracy & Growth

Calling all activists! – Proutist Universal has been busy with creating all sorts of activities that promote Prout and engage new and old Proutists. This effort, which is significant already, needs to be taken a step further. In this session we will try to organize Proutist activities with the different participants.

Art Share – There can’t be a Prout revolution without art. In this segment, we will invite all Proutist artists to share their unique talents and skills. More details here.

Project presentations

Block Level Planning Project – The main objective of this project is to create an integral development plan for Cova da Beira (bioregion located in the central interior of Portugal with around 80 thousand inhabitants), which will progressively use and value the endogenous resources of the region, both human and natural, and which will enable the development of concrete actions to boost the local economy and increase the standard of living and quality of life of the population.

Brazil Prout movement – 

Open Spaces

Open Spaces are one hour slots for anyone who wants to share a project, idea, a class, etc. on Prout. Please send an email to if you wish to present at an open space.

Central European Time (CET)20th July21st July22nd July23rd July24th July
7h - 8hOpenProut Nuts & BoltsOpenOpenOpen
12.30h -1 3.30hOpenOpen SpaceOpenOpenOpen
20h - 21hOpenOpenOpenOpenOpen