Affiliate Member Program

PU Global office affiliate membership status is open to bodies worldwide that have a demonstrable interest in informing progressives, and the wider society, about Prout. All affiliate members are independent, autonomous organizations that partner with PU Global. A member organization does not exclusively represent a geographic region and multiple organizations can be active to promote Prout in the same country. Membership to this program generates mutual benefits, including:

  • shared knowledge
  • expanded networks
  • greater promotion of the shared mission
  • expanded opportunities for dialogue and collaboration

Affiliates are required to demonstrate compliance with the Terms and Conditions and Standards and Guidelines presented in the attached documents. Additionally, affiliated organizations will be expected to follow the recommendations of the PU global office on issues pertaining to Prout-related subjects and its values. There will be made available to all affiliated organizations an official document containing policies and stances which Prout defends and from where affiliated organizations should not deviate. This document will be updated according to necessity and affiliated organizations reserve the right to contest any stance or policy with the Global office, which will then be subject to deliberation and possible change.

Applications are subject to approval by the PU Advisory Committee.

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