Prout in a Nutshell

Prout in a Nutshell series
by Shrii Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar,
Second Edition, 2020.

The four-volume second edition of Prout in a Nutshell contains 185 chapters. It collects together all the books and discourses given by the author on Prout from the beginning of 1955 until October 1990. Prout is an acronym for Progressive Utilization Theory, which is a comprehensive socio-economic theory first propounded by the author in 1959. The chapters in the series are arranged chronologically, enabling the reader to easily understand the progression of the author’s ideas. Each chapter also stands alone, so a reader can select and read any chapter in the series they may choose. The series covers a vast range of topics, and sets out a clear path for humanity’s socio-economic development.

The chapters in Volume One cover the period 1955-1960.
The chapters in Volume Two cover the period 1961-1971.
The chapters in Volume Three cover the period 1978-1986.
The chapters in Volume Four cover the period 1987-1990.