by Shrii Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar,
First Edition, 2020.

In this book, all the author’s discourses on Neohumanism are published together for the first time. It contains three parts, and each part was originally published as a separate book. Part 1 contains The Liberation of Intellect: Neohumanism, first published in 1982; Part 2 contains Neohumanism in a Nutshell Part 1, first published in 1987; and Part 3 contains Neohumanism in a Nutshell Part 2, also first published in 1987. The author explains the meaning of the term Neohumanism as follows: “Any narrow ‘ism’ may be transformed into universalism and accepted by all only when all physical barriers, psychic hindrances and spiritual impediments have been removed from the periphery of that ‘ism’. This is a new idea… the term Neohumanism has been used… keeping this new idea in mind.” In essence, Neohumanism is a new philosophy, a new worldview, that embraces all aspects of creation and is characterized by love for the Supreme.

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