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World Government: From Vision to Reality

An exploration of P. R. Sarkar’s contribution to the field of global governance  The concept of world government has been around for many hundreds of years.[1] Yet, the combination of cosmopolitanism and the terrors of modern warfare have caused an upsurge in thought about it in the twentieth century.[2] After each of the world wars, international institutions were established to

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The transition from meat to cellular agriculture: what are the possible impacts on health if by 2040 if 50% of all protein in the region is from lab meat and alternative meat? by Sohail Inayatullah and Ivana Milojevic This article is an excerpt from Inayatullah and Milojevi? (2022). The End of the Cow and other Emerging issues. Metafuture and CFAR.

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Cooperatives Promote Local Economic Diversity and Economic Decentralization

By Nada Khader A major tier of a Proutistic economic system is worker-owned and operated businesses. This model is in contrast to the current “chain store” phenomenon that we see in much of the world today, where capital has been concentrated privately and allowed to accumulate in the hands of fewer people, and where business owners have turned their businesses

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Toward a Proutist Policy on Criminal Justice Part 3 of 3

A NEW APPROACH How to begin to move toward a different philosophy? And what policies might a Proutist approach to criminal justice embrace? Other countries have strikingly different approaches than the U.S. when it comes to the treatment of prisoners and success in rehabilitation. Germany and the Netherlands, for example, have significantly lower incarceration rates, according to the Vera Institute

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Toward Proutist Policy on Criminal Justice Part 2 of 3

PART II HISTORY Punishment has taken many forms throughout human history. Binding to a stake, ritual cursing, stoning, barred social interaction—that’s what pre-Common Era justice looked like in some parts of the world. Old Testament justice, epitomized by the idea of ‘an eye for an eye’, was designed to maintain tribal unity, a step in the development of social systems—the

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Toward a Proutist Policy on Criminal Justice Part 1 of 3

As Patrick, a former inmate states, “It started with the shaving of my facial hair and continued with the jumpsuit I was issued. I looked just like every other inmate. Even after I reached general population, the theme continued. All shoes were white. All pants are blue jeans. All shirts are blue and short-sleeved. My coffee mug is just like

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How can we specifically use the planting of trees to ensure our survival?

It is known that trees act as stores of carbon dioxide and synthesize oxygen. Their function as a habitat for small organisms and animals is also quickly apparent. Less well known, however, seems to be their enormous importance for the water supply, i.e. for the groundwater, for rivers and lakes and also for the cultivation of agricultural products. Trees increase

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Becoming futures proof through platform cooperatives:

Scenarios of teaching and training in a changing world 1          The Challenging Forecasts A World Development Report “asserts that 68.9% of jobs in India are at high risk – and that number remains at 42.6%, even if adjusted for a lag in technology adoption.” (Verick, 2017). In the United States, economists Carl Frey and Michael Osborne concluded 47% of jobs

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