If you are seeing this page it means that you have shown an interest in becoming part of Proutist Universal Global Office’s (PU) Affiliate Member program. First of all, we would like to thank you for helping us expand our network and reach. As we grow, so does our capacity to influence the world positively and bring change.

We have come up with a process of membership which we feel will help us safeguard the integrity of the organization and better accommodate all parties needs. First, please take a look at how we define affiliations here.

If you think your organization would benefit from an affiliate relationship with PU, please print out and fill our application form available below.

After submission, you will be subsequently contacted by our team in order to arrange a meeting in order to further get to know one another and see how we can better work together and coordinate our efforts. After this process, our Advisory Committee will review your application. After approval, we will sign a contract (which you can find a sample in the bottom of the page) stipulating rights and duties of each party. We do this to ensure that all organizations that work with us meet the standards that PU has defined collectively and we can move forward, united.

If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at:

Thank you once again for your interest. Let’s create a better world together!

According to Prout human society is one and indivisible. Human society is like a garland which is made of different types of flowers, linked by one common thread. The overall beauty of the garland is dependent upon the beauty of each flower. Similarly, every facet of society is linked together. To maintain the unity and solidarity of the social structure, all spheres of social life must be strengthened and developed.

P.R Sarkar