Are we going to see an animal revolution?

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By Antti Kivivalli.

Back in 1945 George Orwell published his novel, Animal Farm, where animals have taken power and and “all animals are equal” – except some animals were “more equal than others”. That was a dystopian allegory of especially the Soviet dictatorship in post-revolution Russia, but it has been quoted a lot ever since.

Many of us see that we will need a big change, and it must be towards a more equal society. Many of us also watch a lot of animal videos on the Internet: cats, dogs, ducks, goats – there are very few animal species that don’t have a video of their own.

Like before, the change will also need to be a change in consciousness of the people, not just in external arrangements, and the animals may play a role in it. Not that animals will take power, or that we need new cruel dictators, but humans may expand their understanding and empathy towards life in general, including the animals.

Many think that Prout is about economics or political systems and that is true, but the philosophy behind Prout is neohumanism and that means exactly that, expanding the human sentiment to include animals, plants and eventually all the so called inanimate world.

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