Modinomics: Corporatization in the backdrop of religious tensions in India.

By Shriraksha Mohan India is a pluralistic society with a long history of coexistence among people of various languages, customs, traditions and religions. “Unity in Diversity” is a time-honored value most Indians embrace. Hindus make up about 80% of India’s population, Muslims about 14% and Christians, Sikhs, Buddhists and Jains the remaining 6%. A Pew Research survey shows this composition

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Elon Musk: The Ugly Tip of a Giant Iceberg

By Dada Vedaprajinananda An August 21, 2023, article in The New Yorker magazine by Ronan Farrow paints a disturbing picture of Elon Musk’s powerful role in some of the most vital areas of public concern.  However, as troubling as Musk’s activities are, they are only one example of a larger problem. The article entited “Elon Musk’s Shadow Rule” begins with

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Eucalyptus may be good for your cough, but…

By Antii Kivivalli. Eucalyptus trees are native mostly to Australia, but as they seem to grow well and fast and provide therefore an effective source of raw material for the pulp and paper industry, they are widely cultivated in the tropical and temperate world. That means all over the warmer parts of Americas and Europe, Africa, the Middle East, southern

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More BRICS in the Game

By Howard Nemon. In 2001, the term BRIC was conceived by a Goldman Sachs economist as a way to keep track of the largest developing countries in the world – Brazil, Russia, India, and China – whose potential could eclipse the Western economic order by 2050. Goldman Sachs, if you are not sure about it, is the second largest investment

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Hiphop is fifty!

By Andy Douglas. Hiphop is fifty! Fifty years ago a musical style was born when African-American youth gathered to create and explore a new way of expressing themselves, and the style has since expanded its influence with tremendous energy to every corner of the world.Though some hiphop lyrics have glorified or celebrated values of materialism and sexism, other hiphop artists

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Are we going to see an animal revolution?

By Antti Kivivalli. Back in 1945 George Orwell published his novel, Animal Farm, where animals have taken power and and “all animals are equal” – except some animals were “more equal than others”. That was a dystopian allegory of especially the Soviet dictatorship in post-revolution Russia, but it has been quoted a lot ever since. Many of us see that

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The Space Race is on again – but who will it benefit?

By Howard Nemon On August 11, Russia launched its Luna-25 mission that will attempt a soft-landing on the south pole of the moon. In 2019, China, India and Israel all crashed their exploratory vehicles in that same area due to the rough terrain there. The interest in the Moon’s south pole is due to the possible presence of water which

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On Leadership

Due to the multiple crises challenging our civilization today, the need for good, effective leadership to provide solutions has never been greater. Unfortunately, many national and local leaders are exacerbating these crises by succumbing to the attraction of power and wealth. Their individual and group interests often privilege one section of the population while disadvantaging others, exacerbating social conflicts and

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Barbie and the Problem of Corporate Power

As the film “Barbie” breaks box office records, now is a good moment to reflect upon the role of corporations in the toy and entertainment industries. Whether you believe the Barbie doll creates unrealistic expectations for girls, or see it as offering a kind of “I can do anything” message of proto-feminism, there are other factors at play here. First

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