Portugal Welcomes Proutist Author

Roar Bjonnes, co-author of the ground-breaking book Growing A New Economy, visited Portugal to present his findings on practical and comprehensive solutions to today’s problems and to strengthen contacts with local community leaders and thinkers.

Millennial Burnout and Late-Stage Capitalism

By Tyler Rankin Recently, a Buzzfeed article about “How Millennials Became the Burnout Generation” went viral. As somebody who fits into this cultural category, I’d like to explore this idea of “burnout” a bit more deeply.  The Buzzfeed article does a good job of addressing the fact that far from being lazy and entitled, Millennials […]

Prout: a Viable Alternative or a Utopia?

When recommending anything new and unique, the burden of proof always falls on those proposing the new answer or solution. And this task becomes particularly difficult when there are no existing examples or models that can serve as evidence.

The Prout Parliament Game
A Prout Perspective on Socialism
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Prout advocates a new and unique approach to decentralization based on the formation of                                                                   socio-economic units throughout the world.

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