Prout Policies

On Leadership

Due to the multiple crises challenging our civilization today, the need for good, effective leadership to provide solutions has never been greater. Unfortunately, many national

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On Consumption

Prout is a consumption-based economy which is quite distinct from consumer-driven ones. Economies like capitalism view consumption of commodities as the primary driver of profits.

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On Cooperatives

Workers’ Cooperatives form the main part of Prout’s three-tier economy model. They put decision-making power and wealth into the hands of local people.

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On Trade

Free trade between rich and poor countries can be disastrous for the less developed trade partner. Prout suggests ways in which less developed countries can build their economies and achieve greater equality in international trade.

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On Democracy

While political democracy can and needs to be improved, Prout emphasizes economic democracy as a direct way people can take control of their daily lives.

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