Proutist Universal is a global organization that promotes the Progressive Utilization Theory (PROUT), a social-economic vision and system developed by Indian philosopher and revolutionary thinker P. R. Sarkar in 1959.

On Patent Waivers

By Andy Douglas U.S. President Joe Biden has signalled his support for the suspension of patent rights for COVID-19 vaccines, predictably angering pharmaceutical companies, which have seen rising profits during the crisis. Reuters reports that the industry’s biggest lobby group warned that Biden’s step would undermine the companies’ response to the pandemic and compromise safety. …

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Prout in South Tyrol – Knowledge in Expansion

After the Prout Convention of 2016, the team from South Tyrol took the determination to develop a wider local platform for the development and implementation of Prout related initiatives. Today, we are proud to present our accomplishments and our future projects of Prout South Tyrol, Italy. First, after attending the Study Circle series organized by …

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