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Proutist Universal is lucky to have a number of people interested in making contributions to our website, providing important content that deserves to be read by everyone.

Beyond Green Capitalism  

By Roar Bjonnes In the past few decades, we have witnessed four main crises within capitalist countries – finance and inequality crises, which are a direct consequence of the economic policies backed up by neo-classical economics, as well as resource and environmental crises. The two latter crises are more appropriately linked to the industrial revolution …

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Consumption and Profit from Prout perspective

by Shriraksha Mohan The Progressive Utilization Theory or Prout is an alternative, holistic socio-economic system to replace the failing capitalist model of economy. With an emphasis on rational utilization and equitable distribution of the planet’s resources, Prout offers a model to build a world in which all people and the planet thrive harmoniously. Prout advocates …

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A New Renaissance of Local Farms, Local Food, and Local Economies

By Roar Bjonnes  At 66, I am old enough to remember when the local economy was still thriving. I grew up in an extended family on a small island in Norway. All the apples, berries, pears, and cherries we ate, especially during fall and winter, had been cultivated in our own garden. In the fall, …

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