A Prout Perspective on Local Economy

Prosperous, self-sufficient local economies form the foundation of ROUT’s socio-economic system. Today, people throughout the world face stagnant or declining living standards due to increasing economic inequality caused by the concentration of wealth.

PROUT supports the policy of economic decentralization so that local people gain control over their economic destinies and wealth is distributed more equitably. Decentralizing the economy entails

  1. local control of economic planning,
  2. production mainly for local consumption,
  3. production and distribution managed by local cooperatives which are embedded in the community,
  4. targeted hiring of local residents to achieve 100% employment, and
  5. the gradual elimination of all non-local products and services.

Through extensive and intensive decentralization, localities will become more self-sufficient and build wealth for their residents. The implementation of decentralization will of course vary according to economic efficiencies. For example, while most of the production of food could be handled locally, a regional production facility would be more practical for auto production and other large-scale industries.

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